Part B Other Articles





1. Interpretation
2. Objects of the College
3. Membership
4. Admission
5. College Faculties and Specialty titles
6. Register of Members
7. General Rules Relating to Members
8. Removal of Membership’
9. General Meetings
10. Notice of General Meetings
11. Proceedings at General Meetings
12. Votes of Members
13. The Council
14. Proceedings of the Council
15. The Seal
16. Management of Monies and Properties
17. Accounts
18. Financial Year
19. Audit
20. Notices
21. Validity of Proceedings
22. Indemnity
23. By- Laws
24. Winding Up
25. Interpretation of the Articles


1. Interpretation

In these articles-

When any provision of the Ordinance is referred to the reference is to such provision
as modified by any Ordinance for the time being in force.


Unless the context otherwise requires, expressions defined in the Ordinance or any
Statutory Modification thereof in force at the date at which these articles become
binding on the College, shall have the meanings so defined.




“the Council” means the board of directors of the College.


“Council Member” means director of the College.


“Faculty” means specialty faculty established under the College.


“Member” means a member of the College and includes those persons admitted to
the College under different classes of membership as referred in Article 3 below.


“the Ordinance” means “The Companies Ordinance (Cap 622)”.


“the Secretary General” means the Secretary General of the College for the time


Words importing the masculine gender only also include the feminine gender.


Words importing the singular number only also include the plural number and vice


Words importing persons shall include corporations.


2. Objects of the College


The College is formed to develop, regulate and promote the standard of practice in
radiography, medical imaging and radiotherapy for the public benefit in Hong Kong
with the following objects:

a. To advance and set up professional standards of practice of radiography and
radiotherapeutic technology for the public benefit;
b. To promote, provide and coordinate academic and professional development
activities, including researches, seminars and Continuous Professional
Development (CPD) of persons engaged in the practice of radiography and
radiotherapeutic technology for the public benefit;
c. To serve as a liaison body with national and international professional peer
groups and the legislative board of the Hong Kong SAR in developing the
practice of radiography and radiotherapeutic technology for the public benefit;
d. To set standard of training, to organize and monitor such training and to
accredit training course providers in radiography, therapeutic technology and
allied subjects for the public benefit;
e. To promote public awareness of radiation safety;
f. To conduct examinations and confer qualifications;
g. To apply for, invite and collect from members of the College or from any
persons, corporations or authorities, subscriptions, donations, gifts, bequests
and any other assistance for the purpose of achieving any of the foregoing
h. To procure the College to be registered or recognized in any part of the world;
i. To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any real or
personal property and any rights or privileges in any part of the world which
the College may think necessary or convenient for the promotion of its objects
and to construct, maintain and alter any buildings or erections necessary,
convenient or fitted for the work of the College.
j. To sell, let, mortgage, dispose of or turn to account all or any of the property or
assets of the College as may be thought expedient with a view to the
furtherance of its objects.
k. To undertake and execute any trusts which may lawfully be undertaken by the
College and may be calculated to further its objects.
l. To borrow or raise money for the purposes of the College on such terms and on
such security (if any) as may be thought fit.
m. To invest the monies of the College not immediately required for its purposes
in or upon such investments, securities or property as may be thought fit.
n. To establish and support or aid in the establishment and support of any
charitable or benevolent association or institutions having objects similar to
those of the College and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or
benevolent purposes being purposes similar to the purposes of the College or
calculated to further its objects. Provided that the College shall not support
with its funds any association or institution which pays or transfers, directly or
indirectly, its income and property, or any part thereof, by way of dividend,
bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to its members.
o. To do all or any of the above things in any part of the world either as principals,
agents, trustees or otherwise, and either by or through agents, sub-contractors,
trustees or otherwise.
p. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or may be thought
conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


3. Membership


There shall be five classes of Members of the College, namely:-

a. Founder Members
b. Full Members
c. Fellows
d. Honorary Fellows
e. Associate Members


4. Admission


4.1 Founder Members

The persons who have subscribed to the formation of this College.


4.2 Full Members

Persons who are admitted by the College and are entitled to use the title
“Member of the Hong Kong College of Radiographers and Radiation
Therapists” (in Chinese as “香港放射師學院會員”), abbreviated as
“MHKCRRT” upon satisfying the following requirements and payment of
the appropriate fees.


General requirement

a、being a Radiographer registered with the Hong Kong
Radiographers Board; AND

b、having had 5 years of post-registration working experience in
clinical, teaching or research in full time work positions in
radiography, medical imaging or radiotherapy; AND

c、having met the Academic requirement of (f), (g) or (h) below AND

d、having met the Clinical requirement of (i) and (j) below AND

e、being recommended by the Council.


Academic requirement


f、a Master degree or above as recognized by the College;

g、a recognized Bachelor degree in medical imaging or related fields
or Professional Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography (PDDR) of the
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, AND

i. at least one specialty qualification recognized by the College;
ii. having passed the certification examination of the College;

h、persons who are Part I registrants of the Hong Kong Radiographers
Board, having full-time practice for 25 consecutive years and
having attained such professional standard recognized by the


Clinical requirement

i、Clinical requirements for individual Faculty are laid down in the respective Faculty Requirements.

j、The clinical component shall require supervisor to acknowledge
the completion of the required clinical examinations/ experience.


4.3 Fellows

Persons who are admitted by the College and are entitled to use the title
“Fellow of the Hong Kong College of Radiographers and Radiation
Therapists” (in Chinese as “香港放射師學院院士”), abbreviated as
“FHKCRRT” upon satisfying the following requirements and payment of
the appropriate fees.


a. being a Radiographer registered with the Hong Kong Radiographers
Board; AND

b. (i) having had 3 years' post-specialization clinical experience
recognized by the College OR

   (ii) a Doctorate degree in radiography or radiotherapy or related
fields with 8 years post-registration relevant experience, AND

c. having 4 relevant publications in peer-reviewed journals OR
episodes in teaching / lecturing / oral presentation in open
conferences; AND

d. being recommended by the Council.


4.4 Honorary Fellows

Persons who are not professionally qualified in Radiography but

a. having recognized substantial contribution to the radiography
profession locally or internationally; AND

b. being recommended by the Council


4.5 Associate Members

Persons who are not qualified to become Full Members of the College but

a. registered Radiographers, registered Radiation Therapists or
Radiography students inside or outside Hong Kong, AND

b. being recommended by the Council


5 College Faculties and Specialty titles

5.1 The College shall form different Faculties in different specialty areas of
the radiography profession, which in its view will contribute to achieve
objects of the College. The College shall add, modify or delete any such

Faculty to reflect the latest technological development locally and


5.2 Full Members and Fellows admitted into respective Faculty of the College
shall be entitled to use the Specialty title in conjunction with their
MHKCRRT or FHKCRRT quote upon satisfying the requirement as
specified by respective Faculty of the College, provided that their
membership status is current and active.


5.3 Full Members and Fellows meeting the requirement for admission into
multiple Faculties shall be entitled to use multiple Specialty titles


6 Register of Members

The Secretary General shall keep at the registered office of the College a
book to be called the “Register of Members of The Hong Kong College of
Radiographers and Radiation Therapists Limited”, which book shall
contain the following particulars:-

a. The name, address and occupation of each member.

b. The class in which such member belongs.

c. The date of admission to membership and the date on which such member
ceased to be a member.


7 General Rules Relating To Members


7.1 Every member, other than Founder Members and Honorary Fellows, shall
on admission, pay such registration fee and annual subscription fee at such
rate as may from time to time be fixed by the Council with the sanction of
the College in General Meeting.


7.2 The annual subscription fee shall be payable on admission and thereafter
due on the first day of January every year. Provided that if a person is
admitted on a day after the 30th day of June of the year, the paid annual
subscription shall cover the remaining months of the year and the calendar
year immediately after from first day of January to last day of December.


7.3 The Council shall determine the admission and subscription fees of
members and to impose fee for a particular service if and when it deems


7.4 When a person withdraws from membership or ceases to be a member for
any reason, all fees, subscriptions, contributions or levies previously paid
shall not be refunded and he shall nevertheless remain liable for and shall
pay to the College all monies which at the time of such member ceasing to
be a member shall be due from such member to the College.


7.5 The rights and privileges of a member shall be personal, they shall not be
transferable by the member's own act or by operation of law, and shall cease upon such member ceasing from any cause to be a member of the College under the provisions of these Articles.


7.6 Every member shall be bound to further to the best of his ability the
objects, interests and influence of the College and shall observe all by-laws
of the College made pursuant to the powers in that behalf hereinafter