Certification Examinations (CT / MII / Mammo / MRI /NM / MD)

Candidate can choose only ONE specialty examination in each session, i.e. those who wish to take two specialty examinations will need to attend both sessions.

As there is seating quota, successful candidates will receive a confirmation email from the Secretariat with payment instructions later.

For enquires, please contact HKCRRT Secretariat at 28051278 or email to hkcrrt@aronbest.com
Faculty : /
Ref No. : EXAM2023
From : 2023-08-19
To : 2023-08-19
Time : 10:00am - 5:30pm
Venue : Hong Kong Polytechnic University Room Y611
CPD info :
Application : Scan the QR code for application
Member Fee : HKD$ 700
Non Member Fee : HKD$ 700